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Announcement of Infringement

A statement about our website being maliciously plagiarized

Recently, our marketing department has discovered that our website has been illegally plagiarized, misappropriated, counterfeited by many same technical ceramics industry. This is very bad behavior, it has seriously violated our website copyright and has infringed upon our company’s reputation and our customers benefit.

The infringing company completely imitated and maliciously copied our official website, except for the company name and contact information. Their layout, color, pictures, and content, etc. are exactly the same as our company’s official website. What’s even more exaggerated is copying without making any changes.

Innovacera official website is an important external publicity platform for our company. Although in the Internet era, information is open and shared, and our company also supports communication and learning, plagiarism without a bottom line has constituted a serious infringement and has seriously damaged our legitimate rights and benefits. Innovacera believes that companies that use opportunistic means to plagiarize the results of other people’s websites cannot last for a long time, and at the same time cannot provide their customers with credible and good settlement services.

Our company hereby solemnly declares: We strongly despise and condemn this kind of opportunistic and unearned practice. Please immediately delete all infringing source codes and revoke all infringements of companies, platforms, and individuals who are suspected of plagiarizing, embezzling, counterfeiting, or plagiarizing our website, products, and Content, and stop all related infringements at the same time.

For the above plagiarism behavior, we hope that the plagiarism company will abide by the industry ethics and take the relevant pages offline as soon as possible. In order to protect the legitimate rights of our company, our company has collected fixed relevant evidence and reserves the right to pursue related economic losses. Our company will maintain zero tolerance for infringements in the same industry, and will continue to carry out rights protection activities in the future, and will pay attention to infringements on a regular basis. Here we also call on the majority of users and clients to believe firmly Innovacera’s official website at

Other websites with similar layouts and similar content are not relevant to our company. Please do not be deceived. At the same time, we also welcome our clients to supervise and report the infringing company for us and jointly resist this bad behavior. How can a company that has copied its official website win the trust of its customers? The following is an example of some plagiarized page content for reference:

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