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BN Setter For Sintering Quartz Glass Plates

Boron Nitride is often used for sintering advanced materials due to its high properties. The max working temperature of BN: 1800 ℃~1900 ℃ in a vacuum; 2000 ℃~2100℃ in inert.
BN ceramic is also with high electrical insulation and good resistance to sudden cold or hot. These properties make it as a good choice for sintering quartz glass, Silicon Nitride, Aluminium Nitride, etc.
Here are some more characteristics of BN:

Good corrosion resistance
Good metal corrosion resistance
No wetting
Long service life
No reaction with most active metals
Good chemical stability

BN Setter Plate

BN Setter Plate

Boron Nitride can be machined to custom-designed setters. If you need protrusions on the setter, please send us a drawing.