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Boron Nitride Crucibles With Adapter For Melt Spinning

Boron Nitride Crucibles With Adapter For Melt Spinning

This is the high purity Boron Nitride crucible with adapter suitable for melt spinning:

– Nonferrous & ferrous metals such as Al, Bi, Ge, Sb, Sn, Cd, Pb, Ni, Zn, Cu, Mg, Im, Fe, Stainless Steel…
– Glass melt, Soda glass, Cryolite
– Silicon molten salt, fluoride, slag

Advanced Features
Excenllent thermo-shock resistance
Superior electric resistivity
Corrosion resistant (acid and alkali resistant)

Max. working temperature in the air is 900°C
The crucible shall be stored in the dry environment inside a sealed container
Never wash the crucible with water. Use fine sandpaper or cloth to remove any dirt or residues
Not suitable for use with Sb2O3, chromium oxide, molybdenum trioxide, arsenic trioxide, titanium carbide, high lead glass glaze, boron phosphate, potassium phosphate, chlorine.