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Ceramics For The Textile Machinery Industry

Innovacera manufactures ceramics for the textile machinery industry. The products are ceramic friction discs for texturing yarns, thread guides for fiber production, ceramic navels for Yarn spinning, and ceramic cutters for the textiles industry.

Ceramics for the Textile Machinery Industry

The advantages of using alumina ceramic is as below:

  • Lowest possible yarn breakage rates
  • Highest yarn cleanliness
  • Low yarn tension
  • Excellent package build
  • High quality and cost effectiveness

It is new hard-wearing material with an excellent surface finish for higher yarn quality. The extreme hardness of ceramic also ensures superior process stability in spinning.

Properties of Ceramic Parts for Textile:

  • Good wear and corrosion resistance
  • 96% & 99.7% Al2O3 alumina ceramics
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Good surfaces finished for different applications

We have also developed a high-performance yttrium-reinforces zirconium oxide ceramic(TZP) for cutting yarns and textiles. It stands out from other materials with its extremely high cutting edge strength and excellent flexural strength and hardness. The use of Y-TZP cutters improves efficiency in cutting textile threads, which ultimately increases profitability.

Technical Advantages of Y-TZP Zirconium Oxide Cutters

  • Faster cutting rates
  • Consistently good cutting quality, e.g. improved strength of spliced connections
  • No corrosion
  • Smooth running
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Universal cleaning possibilities using acids, alkaline solutions and organic solvents.

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