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Hot Pressed Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Overview

Hot Pressed Aluminum Nitride Ceramic

Hot pressed aluminum nitride ceramic is used in applications requiring high electrical resistivity in addition to exceptional thermal conductivity. The applications for hot-pressed AlN typically involve rigorous or abrasive environments and high-temperature thermal cycling.

Below are the properties of the pressed aluminum nitride.

Property Units Value
Flexural Strength, MOR (20 °C) MPa 300-460
Fracture Toughness MPa m1/2 2.75-6.0
Thermal Conductivity (20 °C) W/m K 80-100
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1 x 10-6/°C 3.3-5.5
Maximum Use Temperature °C 800
Dielectric Strength (6.35mm) ac-kV/mm 16.0-19.7
Dielectric Loss 1MHz, 25 °C 1 x 10-4 to 5 x 10-4
Volume Resistivity (25°C) Ω-cm 1013 to 1014

The information provided on this chart is for general material property reference only.

Example Applications:

  • Semiconductor heaters
  • Ballistics armor

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