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Innovacera Ceramic Metallization Process

Ceramic Metallization Process

Our ceramic metallization process uses proprietary thick film manganese/molybdenum and tungsten coating as the base layer on ceramic components. This unique technology provides a wettable ceramic surface to metal bond in a brazed assembly.

To prevent oxidation and to improve wettability after the metallization layer is sintered into the ceramic at high temperature, it is plated using electrolytic plating. Metallization and nickel thickness is measured using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology to ensure desired thickness specifications are met.

With more than ten years of industry experience, the INNOVACERA team has expertise in a variety of application methods, capable of metallizing on Alumina Ceramic Components, AlN Ceramic Substrate, BeO Ceramic Substrate, from prototyping to production.

The main applications of metallization:

  • Feed-through insulators
  • Headers
  • High-power receptacles
  • Insulating discs
  • Insulating rings and cylinders
  • Precipitator products
  • Power Switches
  • Vacuum Interrupters
  • SCR Housing
  • Windows
  • X-Ray tubes
  • Optical
  • Photonics
  • Energy storage/batteries