technical ceramic solutions

INNOVACERA Universally Applicable Ceramic Metallization

Innovacera metallizes precision ceramic for military, medical, and aerospace applications. Our metallization creates a strong and robust bond to many different ceramic bodies and has nearly universal applicability for ceramic to metal brazing.
Our ceramic metallization process uses proprietary thick film molybdenum/manganese and molybdenum/manganese/tungsten paints as the base layer on a ceramic substrate. To prevent oxidation and to improve wettability after the metallization paint is sintered into the ceramic at high temperature, it is plated using either electroless or electrolytic plating or nickel oxide paint.

Metallized Ceramic Insulators

Metallized Ceramic Insulators

With more than ten decades of industry experience, the Innovacera team has expertise in a variety of application methods and is capable of metallizing on flat, cylindrical, and complex ceramic bodies, from prototyping through production.
Ceramic Materials:
Aluminum Oxide (95%, 99%)
Beryllium Oxide (99%-99.5%)
Metalized Ceramic Benefits:
Strong, robust bond
Minimal substrate deformation
Universal applicability for ceramic metal joining
High processing speeds
Uniform coating, thickness, and density