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Main Applications of the Wear-Resistant Ceramics

Alumina Ceramic Plate

Alumina ceramics have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and excellent production capacity. The most important thing is that alumina ceramics have a relatively low price and higher cost performance, which makes them more effective in practical use. So it has become the most widely used wear-resistant ceramic material.

We will introduce some applications of wear-resistant ceramic.

1. Application in conveying and coal conveying system
The equipment of the coal conveying and material conveying system are easy to wear and even wear through. The use of alumina wear-resistant ceramics will greatly increase the service life and bring significant improvements in safety production and economic benefits.

2. Application in pulverizing system
Most of the abrasion of the pulverizing system of coal-fired power plants is mainly caused by the collision and impact of pulverized coal. The high-speed pulverized coal airflow particularly severely wears the outlet of the coal mill, the inlet and outlet of the coarse and fine powder separator, and the elbow of the primary air duct of the pulverizing equipment. The same phenomenon occurs in the air pipe elbow of the powder selection system of the cement plant. By using wear-resistant alumina ceramics, it will have a positive impact on actual production.

3. Application in ash system
In power plants that use hydraulic ash removal and slag discharge systems, the ash pump, ash ditch, nozzle, and other inlet and outlet pipe sections are severely worn. After using wear-resistant alumina ceramics, they can be used for a long time and have good wear resistance, which solves the task of mechanical repair. Problems such as the heavy and poor environment.

4. As a grinding medium
Due to the characteristics of high hardness, moderate density, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and low price, alumina grinding balls are widely used in the raw materials of cement, minerals, ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials, and coatings, paints, and other industries. Grinding and processing is a high-quality grinding medium. In the building ceramic industry, the wear efficiency of alumina grinding balls is 20%-40% higher than that of natural flint and pebbles. With the reduction of high-quality natural ball resources and the high wear rate of ordinary ceramic balls, alumina grinding balls will be used by more and more manufacturers.

5. Oil and gas extraction
Alumina wear-resistant ceramics can be adapted to work in harsh environments, especially those ceramics with an alumina content of 97% (mass) or more, which can be used in oil and natural gas drilling equipment. Typical applications are nozzles, valve seats, adjusting devices, pump accessories, and even drill bit accessories that can vibrate in high-pressure environments, in oil and mud and mortar, and sometimes work in the presence of acids and salts. It is resistant to wear and the requirements for corrosion resistance are more stringent.

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