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Innovacera Always Has Different Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls Sizes In Stock

Excellent Stock Silicon Nitride Ceramic SI3N4 Bearing Balls INNOVACERA

Innovacera develops all kinds of ceramic balls including the zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride ceramics and alumina ceramics. Many silicon nitride balls have stock.

Silicon nitride ceramic balls are precision ceramic balls which are forming in the non-oxidizing atmosphere with high-temperature sintered. At 800°C, the strength, hardness are almost unchanged, the density is 3.20g/cm3, only 1/3 weight of the steel bearing when rotating, the centrifugal force is small, can achieve high-speed operation. It can be used as a non-lubricating medium with a high pollution environment. It is ceramic bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearings preferred balls. So it is widely used in the Bearing, Chemical, Oil industries.


  • High strength
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent self-lubricating
  • High electrical insulation
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • Good magnetic insulation performance
  • Corrosion resistance, resisting acid and alkali, it can be long-term used in seawater.

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball Grades:

G3, G5, G10, G16, G20, G50, G100

General sizes:

from diameter 0.794 mm to 101.600 mm.

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