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Metallized Ceramic Cylinders for Vacuum Interrupters &Capacitors

Metallization ceramic cylinders are a crucial component of vacuum interrupters (often referred to as VI) used in the fabrication of vacuum circuit breakers (VCB). VCBs find application in medium-voltage switchgear and distribution circuits, where they play a pivotal role in regulating distribution voltage by suppressing voltage surges.

Metallization Alumina for Isolators

Innovacera is a lead supplier of high purity alumina metallized ceramic cylinders. These metalized cylinders are used in vacuum arc extinguishing chambers worldwide due to their excellent electrical insulation properties


Innovacera specializes in the metallization of molybdenum-manganese (Mo-Mn) and nickel plating, providing excellent hermetic sealing for these metallzed ceramic cylinders, essential components in vacuum interrupters.


The hermetic sealing ensures the maintenance of the required vacuum level for efficient arc extinguishing within the interrupter chamber. Moreover, the high mechanical strength of Mo-Mn metallization prolongs the service life of vacuum interrupters, contributing to their reliability and durability. By offering advanced solutions in metallization techniques, Innovacera continues to play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and longevity of critical electrical infrastructure components.


Metallized ceramic cylinders provide fabrication properties and can then be easily brazed with common brazing alloys for a variety of applications.


Characteristics Description
Shapes Cylindrical, Corrugated, Stepped, Grooved
Sizes 1.0″ to 7.0″
Material and Color Aluminum Oxide, White
Features Excellent Electrical Insulation
Excellent Hermetic Sealing
High Mechanical Strength of Metal-Clad Layers


Application Description
Vacuum interrupters in vacuum circuit breakers Used to maintain efficient operation and ensure safety in vacuum circuit breakers
Load break switches Provide reliable breaking and safety
Relays Automatic switches in electrical control systems
Automatic reclosers Used for automated reclosing operations
Isolators Provide additional safety isolation in circuits
Mining circuit breakers Suitable for circuit breakers in mining environments
Capacitors Capacitor circuit breakers in power systems
Generator circuit
Protect generators and prevent circuit overload
Vacuum tubes Used to protect circuits from overcurrents
Fuses Provide short-circuit and overload protection
Switchgear Various types of switching devices for controlling power flow


High Purity Aluminum Oxide Capability for Internal Electrode Brazing
Efficient Arc Extinguishing in Interrupter Chambers Specialized Production Lines
Extended Lifespan Outstanding Collaborative Partner
Customized Solutions


Innovacera’s team of technical experts is here to help you meet your metalllized ceramic requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions – from prototype design and manufacturing to large-scale production.