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Metallized Ceramics for Electrical Components

Metallized Ceramics

Innovacera supplies custom refractory metallized alumina ceramics for use in power grid tubes, x-ray tubes, vacuum interrupters, and similar applications where ceramic-to-metal seal joints of exceptional strength and hermeticity are required.

Why Specify Ceramic Components?

  • Excellent metallized seal strength and hermeticity
  • Proven in extreme-duty applications
  • Consistent performance with all common braze alloys
  • High-volume production capacity and large part size capability
PROPERTY UNITS 95% Al2O3 99% Al2O3
Dielectric Strength ac-kv/mm 8.3 8.7
Dielectric Loss 25°C @ 1MHz 0.0004 0.0002
Volume Resistivity 25°C ohm-cm >1014 >1014

We specialize in Molybdenum-Manganese thick-film metallization on 95% alumina ceramic. In addition, we metallize high purity aluminas, like 99% alumina, 99.6% alumina ceramic, and AlN.

Below is the thickness of the metallization.

Molybdenum-Manganese Thick Film 10-35um
Nickel Plating 3-12um

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