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Octagon Zirconia Ceramic Blade

Brief Introduction:

Zirconia ceramic blades allow you to spend more time slitting product and less time changing blades. Zirconia’s extreme hardness, combined with its superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion is the major contributing factor to outstanding blade life and performance. Zirconia ceramic razor blades provide the least amount of stretch possible during slitting.

Main Features:

1. Fine-grained microstructure allowing for honing of sharp edges
2. Low friction and low energy surfaces minimize adhesion f cut materials
3. High hardness and high toughness promote long cutting edge life
4. High hardness for cutting hard, abrasive and tough materials

Application :

1, textile industry
2, Medicine
3, Food and beverage production
4, Automotive

Octagon Zirconia Ceramic Blade

Octagon Zirconia Ceramic Blade