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Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Base Plate

PBN base plate

Pyrolytic boron nitride is a grade of hexagonal boron nitride. It is produced by the chemical vapor deposition process to create its solid body and all the boron nitride crystals grow parallel to the surface on which the vapor is deposited.

INNOVACERA produces PBN by customized design. The thickness ranges from 0.2 to 4mm. And the max dimension is around 150x150mm or Diameter of 300mm. The tolerance usually is +/-0.05mm. If you request higher tolerance, then we can evaluate your design first.

Features of PBN
* Good thermal shock resistance
* High insulation resistance
* Non-wetting
* Non-toxic

Due to its features, PBN is very often used in a vacuum environment as a base plate, insulator plate, etc. If you’re looking for a material that can work in a vacuum or MBE system, please don’t hesitate to contact us for PBN.