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Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Disc for Furnace, Electrical, Microwave, and Semiconductor Components

PBN Disc for Semiconductor

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) is a kind of advanced ceramic, Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) Disc and other pyrolytic boron nitride products are synthesized on the mold by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, with BCl3 and NH3 at high temperature and low pressure. PBN products are extremely pure, as the purity of gas material is easier to be controlled. Typically, PBN products have a total impurity of <100 ppm, which means the purity is no less than 99.99%. With such a high purity level. It is the ideal material for furnace, electrical, microwave, and semiconductor components.