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Quadrupole Ceramic Collars For Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

Having over 10 years of experience in manufacturing technical ceramic solutions, Innovacera specialists in quadrupole mass spectrometry ceramic components, such as ceramic insulator components, ceramic collars, ceramic square frames, ceramic saddles; ceramic rods, ceramic filament supports, ceramic orifice plates, ceramic heater and so on.


QMS Quadrupole mass spectrometry is widely used for analytical techniques in which ions are filtered based on their mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) as they pass through a quadrupole field. Quadrupoles consist of a set of four electrodes of a particular length in a radial array, as shown in the photo. These ceramic insulator components can used for Xerox scan mass spectrometry instrumentation.

Quadrupole Ceramic Collars For Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry


We can support customers to make low quantities of ceramic insulator components used in the proofing and prototyping stages of our customers’ designs of quadrupole mass filters, customized ceramic material and design are available. The standard collars are manufactured of 99.5% alumina ceramic and the size is 36.4*36.4*12mm, The electrode rods are made of molybdenum material.

The collars also can be made in round shapes or other customized designs, just send your drawing to us and then we can make them for you.


Innovacera provides a wide range of materials to solve problems where plastics and metals fail. Ceramics are ideally to provide the mechanical, electrical, thermal, and other properties needed for analytical instrumentation. Components from materials such as 99.5% alumina, and 95% ceramic with metal seals solve problems where plastics and metals fail.



Here are the 99.5 alumina ceramic material properties for your reference:


99.5 Alumina Ceramic Material Properties
Properties Value
Main Composition Al2O3>99.6%
Density >3.95
Hardness (Gpa) 15~16
Room Temperature Electric Resistivity (Ω·cm) >10 14
Max Using Temperature(℃) 900.00
Three-Point Bending Strength (MPA) 450.00
Compressive Strength (MPA) 45.00
Young modulus (Gpa) 300-380
Thermal Expansion Coefficient(20-1000℃)(10-6/K) 6~8
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·k) 30.00
Dielectric strength(kv/mm) 18.00
Dielectric constant 9~10
Dielectric loss angle (*10-4) 2.00
Surface Roughness <Ra0.05um


Quadrupole Ceramic Collars Advantages:


  • Ensure accurate alignment and positioning within the quadrupole magnet assembly.
  • Preventing electrical interference with the magnetic field.
  • Ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Ensuring precise control over the particle beam.
  • Low outgassing rates, making them suitable for high vacuum environments, such as those in particle accelerators.


The customized service offers customers a high degree of flexibility in the design to suit specific technical and commercial needs, if you need any quadrupole ceramic collars or other mass spectrometry instrumentation relative to ceramic components, welcome to contact us at