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300W Ceramic Ignition For Wood Pellet Grills

Spending a valued time with our loved ones is always a wonderful thing in the world, around with a delicious meal or sitting by a warm stove, which makes this time more happiness.

No matter whether wood pellet grills or wood pellet stoves, a good igniter can save a lot of trouble. That is a huge advancement in igniter technology, The traditional metal igniter is the weak spot of pellet grills/smokers. After years of development, they have improved pit performance and durability by upgrading to the ceramic igniter.

Innovacera introduced the new updated ceramic igniter, which is more suitable to be used for 300W high power grills or stoves, heating faster and more durable.

In some conditions is shrouded by a stainless steel sleeve that heats up to 1,800ºF for rapid pellet ignition.
Hot Flash Ceramic Ignitor System is rated up to 100,000 cycles.
Easy to install and replace, by adjusting the igniter to the correct position of being flush, it’s closer to the pellets and can light them faster!

New Arrival Black Coated Ceramic Igniter

New Arrival Black Coated Ceramic Igniter