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Ceramic Igniter Use For Pellet Burner

One special application area for Innovacera high-temperature ceramic igniter is in heating systems that use solid fuels such as wood pellets as an energy source. The challenge here is to ignite the biomass in a very short time while retaining very low emission values. This can be perfectly achieved by Innovacera’s hot surface ceramic igniter.

Ceramic hot surface igniter for pellet burners need only approx. 1/10 of the energy of that needed by hot air fans and ignition blowers. Their ignition capacity lies between 120 and 200 Watt. Depending on the positioning of the ignition element in the boiler, the ignition time of approx. 60 seconds is extremely short. This also means minimal emissions!

Igniting wood chips, firewood, coal bricks or other biomass (such as corn, etc.) is possible.

Ceramic Igniter For Pellet Burner

Ceramic Igniter

Mass customization is available.

Product advantages:
1. Ready assembled,easy-to-install systems. The high-temperature heating element in a temperature-resistant ceramic socket.
2. Space-saving, noiseless, and impervious to overheating (in case
the blower fails)
3. Extremely long-lasting and resilient: Lifetime up to 100,000 cycles
4. Minimal energy consumption
5. Completely electrically insulated
6. No exposed electrical contacts
7. No sensitive welding points