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Q&A about aluminum nitride

1. Different applications in general
* High brightness high power LED
* Microwave wireless communication and semiconductor equipment
* Automobile
* Energy
* IGBT Module
* IPM Module
Different applications in general

2. Do you have some references for the different applications?
We don’t have detailed information.
With the development of the electric components, smaller but better performance and lower energy cost elements are pressing demand. The high dense, high power and a high-frequency component may generate as much as 100W/cm2 heat, such as high bright LED, MOSFET, IGBT and laser elements. The longer those elements work, the more heat accumulated. Due to the limited room in the package, if the heat could not have been diffused in time, it would highly affect the elements’life, performance and reliability. So, it is important to introduce good cooling package design and high thermal conductivity ceramic materials into these industries.

3.Can supply pictures of some products in the application?
* IGBT Module
IGBT Module

* High brightness high power LED
Automobile headlights; Industrial lighting; deep UV lamp; LCD background light source; Indoor agricultural lighting.

High brightness high power LED

* Components for semiconductor equipment
Components for semiconductor equipment

4. Do you have some standard dimensions or similar product descriptions?
* ALN substrate is available in regular sizes

Substrate shape Size Range Thickness
Square ≤114mm 0.17-2mm
Round ≤Dia120mm 0.25-2mm

ALN substrate are available in regular sizes

* ALN metallized HTCC products
ALN Metallized HTCC(High temperature co-fired ceramic) is a kind of high thermal conductivity and high-density ceramic substrate/package made with the designed circuit in/ on it. The circuit is tungsten metal and the insulating base is ALN ceramic. The process including via punching, via filing, circuit printing, isostatic laminating, high-temperature sintering and so on. Aluminium nitride HTCC technology is suitable for high-density packaging modules and components. It is of great significance to reduce the size and weight of modules and improve the integration of modules. It adapts to the requirements of the military, electronic, aerospace, missile and other military electronic equipment in miniaturization, high performance, multi-function, high reliability and low cost

ALN metallized HTCC products

* AlN structural parts/ Dry pressed tablets
We can provide AlN parts according to the customer’s design to meet different application demands.
AlN structural parts

5. Have you already supplied this material to Europe / Germany?
Yes. Like Britain, Germany, Italy