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Direct Bond Copper/DBC Ceramic Substrate For Electronics

DBC Ceramic Substrate Specifications:

  1. Material:      96% Alumina+ Cu/Ag Coating.
  2. Max Size:       138*188mm
  3. Thickness:      0.25-1.0mm (0.25, 0.38,0.5, 0.63,0.76, 1.0mm).
  4. General Size:
  •       2″*2″(50.8*50.8mm)
  •       3″*3″(76.2*76.2mm)
  •       4″*4″(101.6*101.6mm)
  •       4.5″*4.5″(114.3*114.3mm)
  •       5″*5″(127*127mm)
  •       5″*5.5″(127*139.7mm)
  •       5.4″*7.4″ (138*188mm)


  • Low thermal resistance.
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Reduce solder layers, lower thermal resistance, reduce cavities, increase the rate of finished products.
  •  The super-thin 0.25mm DBC substrate can be substituted for BeO eliminating the problems of environmental pretection and toxicity.
  • Avoid withstand the stress caused by the impact of temperature changes, thus greatly extend the life of semiconductor products.
  • The new packaging and assembly methods can be realized with DBC substrates, it makes the products a higher degrees of integration and volume reduction.
  •  The thermal expansion coefficient close to silicon in the semiconductor chip, it can directly solder on the DBC substrate, saving the interface layer Mo plate and then decrease the cost.


  •  Solar-panel array
  •  Solid-state relays
  •  Electronic heating devices
  • Smartpower building blocks
  • Power Semiconductor Modules
  • Laser Industrial electronics
  • Semiconductor refrig-erators
  • Power control circuits, power hybrids.
  • High frequency switch mode power supplies
  • Telecommunication private branch exchange and receiving system.
  • Building blocks for automobile electronics, the military and aerospace technology.

DBC Ceramic Substrates