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PBN-PG Composite Heating Elements

PBN-PG-Heater-Element PBN-PG-Heater-Element

High purity and high-performance pyrolytic boron nitride are used as the substrate for the PBN heating element. Pyrolytic graphite (PG) is placed on the surface of PBN plates by the CVD method as a conductor and heater.

As both PG and PBN are extremely pure and very stable in a vacuum or inert atmosphere, the PBN-PG heating element could be very durable and keep the chamber clean. It could be heated to 1600°C in a very short time without the emission of any gas component. These heating elements are ideal products for the semiconductor industry and applications that require high temperature, high vacuum, and high purity.

PBN/PG Composite Heating Elements Specifications

Size 1″-4″
Bulk Density 2.15-2.19 g/cm3
Max. Working Temperature 2400°C
Volume Resistivity (Ω·cm) 3.11*1011
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 243.63
Thermal Conductivity (W/M·k) 43.7-60
Dielectric Strength (at room temperature) KV/mm 56