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PBN-PG Heater Performance and Applications


The PBN-PG ceramic heater combines three layers of ultra-high purity ceramics, PBN-PG-PBN to produce an advanced micro-ceramic heating element system. PBN as an insulating substrate and PG as the resistive element. Both our PBN heater (Pyrolytic Boron Nitride) and PG heater (Pyrolytic Graphite) are manufactured by high temperature CVD. These high performance elements exhibit outstanding thermal properties in a ceramic heater, including high thermal conductivity and anisotropy.

Mechanically durable and thermally shock resistant, PBN-PG heaters are unaffected by vibration under most conditions and can be tailored to thermal gradients for specific requirements. With an ultra-fast response and low thermal mass, PBN-PG heaters demonstrate a power output of 35 watts/cm 2 (225 watts/in 2) and higher.

PBN-PG Performance Advantages:

  • Micro-ceramic heating element has an operating temperature of 1600°C.
  • High mechanical durability and dimensional stability.
  • Dimensionally compact. PBN layer provides electrical insulation.
  • Thermal gradients can be tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Eliminate outgassing and contaminations.
  • High thermal shock resistance.
  • Chemically inert to almost all metals, liquids and gas.
  • Large variety of PG heater and PGN heater shapes available.

Potential applications for PBN heaters include:

  • MOCVD heater
  • Metal heating
  • Metal evaporation heat source
  • Superconductor substrate heating
  • Sample analysis heating
  • Electron microscope sample heating
  • Semiconductor substrate heating (MBE, CVD, sputtering coating)