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Revolutionary In Heater Ignition

Revolutionary In Heater Ignition

Two main materials are used for manufacturing of heating elements in mainstream market: Metal or Ceramic.

High thermal conductivity and excellent insulation makes ceramic more advantage in new revolution of heater ignition. The ceramic made heating material is more efficient as compared to metal because of being sturdier and less corrosive.

The advanced ceramic materials used in igniters are absolutely the best for lighting pellet and biomass burners. They use widely used as a heating element in hot air fans, kerosene fans and ignition blowers and will light all fuel types. Ideal for wood pellets, chips, straw, coal, coke etc.

The obvious advantages:
1) Higher temperature, about twice of traditional metal sheathed heater;
2) Shorter ignition time, about 60~90 seconds
3) Electrically insulated with no exposed electric contacts
4) Wear and corrosion resistance
5) Long life time
6) Easy to install and replace