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Why do you need to use Silicon Nitride rollers?

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Roller Tubes

Nowadays more and more companies use Silicon Nitride rollers instead of metal rollers.

There are some advantages of Silicon Nitride you need to know.
– Silicon Nitride resists corrosion. It can work in seawater without any rust.
– Silicon Nitride is with excellent wear resistance. Its working life is 2-10 times that metal’s life.
– Silicon Nitride is smooth. It can work without lubricant.

The price of the Silicon Nitride roller looks higher than the metal roller. Actually, it’s much economical than the metal roller. Let’s see why it’s more economical. The steel roller will be rusting after working in one week in seawater. It requests lubricant every week. Instead, Silicon Nitride rollers don’t need any lubricant during their working life. Even you want to do lubricant for Silicon Nitride rollers, the frequency is much lower than metal rollers. So Silicon Nitride roller can keep long-lasting work in the sea. And it can save much labour cost for maintenance and work longer than metal rollers.

So Silicon Nitride rollers are a better choice for you compared with metal rollers.