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Why choose Silicon nitirde ceramic igniter?

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter Is The Latest And Most Advanced Application Of Hot Surface Ignition Technology
▪ No Gas Leakage Or Deflagration
After the igniter is energized to reach the ignitable temperature, the combustible mixture is introduced. In terms of timing, gas leakage and deflagration in conventional ignition methods are completely avoided.
▪ Fully Adaptable
The high-power hot-surface ignition method perfectly adapts to changes in gas type, composition, air-fuel ratio, temperature, humidity, and oil pollution.
▪ The System Runs More Reliably, And Has No Interference With Other Electrical Appliances.
No noise, no deflagration. There is no need to lower your head to confirm whether the ignition is successful or not.
▪ It completely avoids the defects of low capability with high temperature and short life of the metal heating wire. It avoids the shortcomings that the silicon carbide heating element is loose, brittle, and needs to protect against water.
▪ Silicon nitride has outstanding advantages such as high working temperature, fast heating speed, compactness and solidity, and long working life.
▪ INNOVACERA Silicon Nitride Igniter has core intellectual property rights of silicon nitride ceramic heating elements and a number of invention patents.
▪ Our company has the widest product coverage in the field of hot surface ignition technology. The working voltage of the product extends from 4V to 240V. The power is from 10W to 300W. It can be applied to the ignition and heating of all gas and fuel oil equipment. INNOVACERA has the world’s highest temperature and smallest ceramic heating technology.

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