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Why Consider Ceramic Feedthroughs

Ceramic feedthroughs are ceramic-to-metal fabrications that are utilized to transmit electrical signals, high currents/gases/fluids, or high voltages from between external sources to a hermetically-sealed chamber.

Why Consider Ceramic Feedthroughs

Why Consider Ceramic Feedthroughs

Electrical connectors and feedthroughs require well-engineered materials. In its simplest form, epoxy or glue can be used to seal a joint, but a more robust solution might use an elastomer Oo-ring as a mechanical seal. But in the most demanding applications and to prevent leakage over, fluctuating changes of temperature, humidity, and pressure, a ceramic seal can be most effective.

These assemblies are made to provide high mechanical strength and electrical insulation. They are hermetically sealed and maintain very high levels of vacuum. Joint integrity is maintained even at extreme temperatures and in harsh environments.

Feedthrough Applications

Typical uses of ceramic feedthroughs:

Mass spectrometry

Gas detection

High-vacuum connectors

Transmission and scanning electron microscopes

Particle accelerators

Nuclear detectors

Medical industry applications

X-ray equipment


Imaging equipment

Aerospace industry application

Satellite propulsions



Power tubes


Gas lasers

Rechargeable batteries

Deep sea penetrators and repeater

INNOVACERA supplies the most commonly used ceramic-to-metal bonded feedthroughs, which are utilized in many different applications with proven reliability.

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