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  • A Brief History Of Oxygen Sensors Company

    Function The oxygen or lambda sensor in a properly functioning exhaust system monitors the A/F ratio, as often as one hundred times per second, and reports this information to the vehicle’s ECU or engine control unit (also referred to as the PCM or …

  • Boron Nitride Application-Crucible Company

    Boron nitride is an excellent self-lubricating ceramic that can withstand high temperatures and maintain its lubrication capabilities in high vacuum environments. Usually composed of hexagonal boron nitride (P-BN), it has good heat resistance, therm…

  • Main applications of boron nitride ceramics Company

    Basic overview of boron nitride ceramics In its solid form, hexagonal boron nitride (HBN) is often called "white graphite" because its microstructure is similar to graphite. However, unlike graphite, boron nitride is an excellent electrical insulato…