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  • Is hexagonal boron nitride (HBN) a conductor or an insulator? Company

    Hexagonal boron nitride is a boron product with a wide range of applications. For it, the question that many people are very concerned about is whether hexagonal boron nitride is a conductor or an insulator? In fact, hexagonal boron nitride (H…

  • Alumina (Al2O3) Ceramic Substrates for Resistors Company

    Alumina is the most commonly used technical ceramic material. Thanks to its very good electrical insulation, dielectric strength, and high-temperature resistance up to 1500 °C, Alumina Ceramic is ideal for electrical applications and high-tempera…

  • Ceramic heating element for 3D Printer Extruder Hot Ends Company

    In September 2021, the 3D manufacturing accessories manufacturer E3D Online and the new phase successively released the 3D hot end in the current season, and the application of the Tusi semiconductor printing tube has been completed instead of th…