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  • Zirconia ceramics combination stainless steel parts Company

    Zirconia ceramics is a very strong advanced ceramic with excellent properties in fracture toughness, hardness, high wear resistance, and corrosion resistance is the best flexibility compared with other ceramic materials. The unique properties of resi…

  • Semiconductor Wafer Carrier Alumina Disk and Ceramic Edge Ring Company

    High precision ceramic components improve yield management for semiconductor wafer processing. Innovacera ceramic components provide precise dimensional stability, ultra-flatness and smoothness, and vacuum holding of wafers during inspection and proc…

  • Boron Nitride Nozzles for Molten Metal Atomizing Company

    Boron Nitride nozzles are widely used in the processing of metal powder. Molten metal atomization is a process used to fabricate metal powder from a melt. In a typical atomizer, liquid metal is poured from a nozzle into a large chamber while being sp…