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News and Events

  • Innovacera Office Warming Party Company

    Innovacera officially moved into new offices last week, but June 24 was the big day: all staff gathered in the new working environment to testify this important moment and had an office warming party. At the beginning of the party, staff hangs…

  • Which Metals Work Best For Plating Ceramics? Company

    While we often associate electroplating with metal products, the process also works with some non-metallic materials, such as ceramics. Manufacturers often choose to electroplate a coating of metal onto a ceramic substrate for the same reasons as…

  • Metallized Ceramics for Electrical Components Company

    Innovacera supplies custom refractory metallized alumina ceramics for use in power grid tubes, x-ray tubes, vacuum interrupters, and similar applications where ceramic-to-metal seal joints of exceptional strength and hermeticity are required. …