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  • Boron Nitride Application-Nozzle Company

    BN nozzle is a high-performance nozzle that is usually used for fluid dynamics research and spray experiments under special working conditions such as high temperature/high pressure. It is suitable for the following application fields: 1. Liqu…

  • Hot-Pressed Aluminum Nitride Company

    About Hot-Pressed Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Hot pressed aluminum nitride ceramics are sintered by vacuum hot pressing. The aluminum nitride purity is up to 99.5%(without any sintering additives), and density after hot pressing reaches 3.3g/cm3, it al…

  • Ceramic Heat Sinks Replaced Aluminum Heat Sinks In LEDs Company

    There are a lot of practical uses for ceramic in LEDs. First of all, they’re possibly the best material to use for heat sinks. This is because aluminum replaced copper as the cheaper alternative for heat sinks in LEDs. However, although it is relativ…