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Boron Nitride Ceramic Nozzle Metal atomization powder nozzle for 3D printing

In recent years, the rapid development of powder metallurgy (MIM) and 3D printing (AM) has gained more and more applications in producing complex parts. The raw material of metal 3D printing technology is a metal powder with high sphericity and narrow particle size distribution. This powder production method melts the metal alloy and leaks it through the boron nitride nozzle. At the nozzle outlet, high-pressure airflow is used to atomize the metal liquid, while cooling it into spherical particles.


Boron Nitride Ceramic Nozzle Metal atomization powder nozzle for 3D printing


The difference between 3D printing and injection molding is that 3D printing doesn’t require molds and is more conducive to the production of complex parts. At the same time, due to the lack of restrictions and auxiliary functions of molds, the production process relies more on the performance of printing equipment and powder raw materials. The bn nozzle is a key component that determines the quality of the finished product. Compared with traditional brass nozzles, boron nitride’s high-temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, finishing ability and resistance to metal liquid corrosion enable it to withstand high thermal gradients and promote rapid solidification of metal. In addition, composite boron nitride ceramics with different formulas can provide various properties such as high-temperature durability, impact resistance, conductivity, and resistance, providing customers with customized solutions.


In summary, Boron Nitride’s stability, high-temperature resistance, and precision machining capabilities make it ideal for producing high-quality metal powders and achieving precise printing.