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Global DBC Ceramic Substrate Market Is Holding Great Promise

DBC Ceramic Substrates

DBC (Direct Bonded Copper) substrates are composed of a ceramic insulator, Al2O3 or AlN onto which pure copper metal is attached by a high-temperature eutectic melting process and thus tightly and firmly joined to the ceramic.

DBC Ceramic Substrate Key Features:

Ceramic metallized: Ti/W, gold(Au), silver(Ag),Copper(Cu),nickel(Ni)¡Kothers & produce final circuit
Coating: 0.075um to 5mil

Ceramic Metallized substrate:
Al2O3 substrate metallized
AlN substrate metallized
Silicon wafer metallized

LED heat-dissipation ceramic substrate:
LED Al2O3 thin film substrate
LED Al2O3 thick film substrate
LED AlN thin film heat-dissipation substrate
Flip-chip substrate
The integration of the thin film, thick film, electrode plating and electroless plating processes

1. High Power LED ceramic substrate
2. Microwave (Wireless Communication & Radar)
3. Semiconductor Process Equipment
4. Solar Cell
5. Hybrid Electric Vehicles
6. Flip-chip/eutectic substrate
7. Sensor ceramic substrate

In future, the DBC ceramic substrates market will develop rapidly, driven by the demand from IGBT, automobile, CPV, aerospace and communication. The electric vehicles market will drive the DBC ceramic substrates to increase in the next ten years.