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Porous ceramic chuck table used in semiconductor equipment

Porous ceramic chuck table

Porous ceramic chuck table is a so important part in semiconductor equipment such as silicon wafer processing.

Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chucks are widely used as important components of equipment in silicon wafer, semiconductor compound wafer, piezoelectric ceramic, glass, LED, semiconductor package component substrate, optical component thinning, cutting and so on.

The advantages include the following:

  • Strong permeability: Uniform air permeability and water permeability to ensure the uniform stress and firm adsorption of the silicon wafer, so that it does not slip during the grinding process.
  • Compact and uniform structure: Due to the dense and uniform microporous ceramic, the chuck table is not easy to adsorb silicon powder abrasives and is easy to clean.
  • High strength: No deformation during grinding, to ensure that the silicon wafer is uniformly stressed at all points during grinding, and is not easy to edge breakage and debris.
  • Long service life: The surface shape is good, the dressing cycle is long and the dressing amount is small, so it has a long service life.
  • Easy to repair: There are no cracks, chips, threshing during machining.