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Properties and Characteristics of Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride Ceramic Electro thermal Components

Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride Ceramic Electro thermal Components

Silicon nitride ceramic heating element is based on high-performance silicon nitride ceramics, high temperature and high mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance is strong, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, both with excellent insulation performance and good thermal conductivity. With our company’s proprietary formula and hot pressing technology, the product has the following excellent properties and characteristics.

Rated voltage: 220V. 230V. 110V 120V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Rated power: 200W-650W
Maximum power: 750W


  1. Insulation electrical strength: 2500V, 50HZ, at room temperature, 1 minute without breakdown phenomenon;
  2. Resistance to High temperature: dry point up to 1000°C;
  3. High surface load, dry point heating load up to 25W/CM2;
  4. Small size;
  5. Small thermal inertia and warming faster;
  6. Long life;
  7. Acid-alkali corrosion resistance.

Technical properties:

Flexural strength(20°C) 900Mpa fracture Toughness(20°C) 6.08.0Mpa,m1/2
Density 3.20-3.4 g/cm3 Volume Resistivity(20°C) 1014Ω.cm
Relative Dielectric Constant(20°C) 6-7 Thermal Conductivity 23-25W/(m-k)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 3.1*10-6°/C Hardness HRA92-94


  1. Ceramic welding head
  2. Packing machinery
  3. Tobacco equipment
  4. Industrial beating equipment
  5. Automatic welding machine
  6. Mould heater
  7. Industrial heating equipment
  8. Petrochemical industry
  9. For all kinds of high-temperature ignition device