technical ceramic solutions

Performance required for ceramic substrates and packages

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrates

Ceramic substrates and packages are used for semiconductor packages and electronic modules, of which the speedy operation and high integration are advancing, and sensor modules, of which the high precision and high sensitivity are advancing.

The performance required for these applications is as follows:
· Dimensional stability and flatness
· Supports various mounting forms (wire bonding, flip-chip bonding, SMT, etc.)
· The coefficient of linear expansion is close to that of silicon
· Small size with fine wiring
· Frequency characteristic
· High reliability including heat resistance and humidity resistance

INNOVACERA provides below materials of ceramic substrates:
1) 96% Al2O3 Ceramic substrates
2) 99.6% Al2O3 Ceramic substrates
3) AlN Ceramic substrates
4) Si3N4 Ceramic substrates

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