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Porous Ceramics Cleaning and Machining Guidance and Precautions

1. Machining guidance and precautions:

  • The porous ceramic plate is soaked in clean tap water for 5 minutes, and then processed.
  • So as to prevent the oil from penetrating into the dry ceramic plate and not being washed away.
  • The porous ceramic is cut by a diamond blade and uses a grinding wheel or grinding head to grind.
  • After processing, use neutral detergent and ultrasonic cleaning. Pls avoid processing with oily coolant, otherwise, it will be difficult to clean.
  • Last step: drying natural or drying water with an electric fan.

2. To clean the porous ceramic plate:

  • Using ultrasonic cleaning with neutral detergent to clean. The neutral detergent is not strong acid or alkaline, that is fine. Like washing powder, dishwashing liquid.
  • After cleaning, drying natural, or drying water with an electric fan. Please don’t use oven dry for avoiding deformation.

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