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  • Mid-Autumn Festival (BOBING-moon cake gambling) Company

    Mid-Autumn Festival(BOBING-moon cake gambling) The euphonious clang of dice colliding with china bowls can often be heard in Xiamen at this time of year as the coastal city is enjoying the Bo Bing game or Moon cake dice game during the Mid-Autum…

  • Could ancient Egyptians hold the key to 3D printed ceramics? Industry

    A 7,000 year old technique, known as Egyptian Paste (also known as Faience), could offer a potential process and material for use in the latest 3D printing techniques of ceramics, according to researchers at UWE Bristol. Professor Stephen Hoskins,…

  • What are Ceramics? Industry

    What are Ceramics? Ceramics encompass such a vast array of materials that a concise definition is almost impossible. However, one workable definition of ceramics is a refractory, inorganic, and nonmetallic material. Ceramics can be divided into two …