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  • Ceramic heater which using in 3D printer Company

    Innovacera produce ceramic heater which using in 3D printer. The working temperature is from 300-800 degree. It enjoys great advantages of its compact size, light weight, energy saving and long life. Usual Specifications: Dimension: Accord…

  • Boron Nitride Nozzle for Gas Atomization Company

    Boron Nitride nozzle for gas atomization Boron nitride ceramic is a kind of refractory ceramic with low expansion and high thermal conductivity. This makes it to be an ideal choice for molten metals. Boron Nitride is a good self-lubricate ceramic…

  • INNOVACERA Celerated It’s Anniversary of Six Birthday Yesterday Company

    INNOVACERA's Six Birthday - 2018.8.8 Anniversary INNOVACERA is a young company with stable growth. We celerated its 6th birthday on August 8th, 2018. INNOVACERA is focus on markting and sales of technical ceramics. Another two brother companies X…